Rentals & Demos

We are a full service ski shop specializing in Head, Nordica, and DPS.

  • Performance Package: ideal for the beginner to intermediate skier. This package offers the versatility you will need to enjoy the All-Mountain experience.
  • Demo Package. Ideal for the advanced through expert skier. Designed to get you on the ski before you buy, we offer a full line of carving skies to powder boards.


Ski RentalsOnlineWalk-in 
Demo Ski Package$56$70*Reserve Now
Demo Ski Only$52$65*Reserve Now
Performance Ski Package$48$60Reserve Now
Performance Ski Only$44$55Reserve Now
Junior Ski Package$32$40Reserve Now
Junior Ski Only$28$35Reserve Now
Individual Item RentalsOnlineWalk-in 
Junior Boots Only$24$30Reserve Now
Helmet Rental$12$15Reserve Now
Pole Rental$12$15Reserve Now
Ski or Snowboard Boots Only$24$30Reserve Now
Snowboard RentalsOnlineWalk-in 
Demo Snowboard Package$56$70**Reserve Now
Demo Snowboard Only$52$65Reserve Now
Performance Snowboard Package$48$60**Reserve Now
Performance Snowboard Only$44$55Reserve Now
Junior Snowboard Package$32$40Reserve Now
Junior Snowboard Only$28$35Reserve Now