Getting your boots to fit properly will not only enhance your performance on the mountain, but it will drastically increase your fun on the hill. Our expert staff has many years of experience in custom boot fitting. We specialize in designing custom foot beds to fit your specific needs. We’re only happy when you’re comfortable and able to ski your best!
Please call the shop or stop by for more information, as pricing varies due to the fact that all feet are not created equally and each foot is unique in terms of size, shape and specific needs.


From replacing factory parts to punching and hand grinding your boot’s shell to accommodate your foot, our experienced staff is equipped and ready to handle all of your repair needs. Most repairs can be done the same day or overnight (parts permitting). Please feel free to stop by or call for additional services and pricing.

Custom Foot Beds $300
Labor (ski boot grinding, punching, etc.) $125 per hour
Heel Lifts $25 per pair
Bontex Boot Shims $25 per pair
Replacement Ski Boot Toe & Heel $TBD
Alignment, Stance & Gait Analysis (includes labor) $TBD